Asia Bulletin: VGCCC to ban betting on under-19s in sports events


Asia Bulletin: VGCCC to ban betting on under-19s in sports events

Updated:2024-03-21 15:10    Views:133

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has revealed that it will banning betting on all under-19 sports competitions; including any betting on the performance of individual players who are under 18 in junior and senior sport. 

The ban will prohibit offering bets on: sporting events for under-19s, sporting events where all participants are minors and open events where minors are playing, meaning a bet can be placed on the open event ‘team’ but not on particular outcomes for players in the team who are under 18 years old. 

The ban will also include betting on outcomes such as ‘first goal of the game,’ or ‘first player to take a wicket.’ where individual players are minors. 

However, bets can still be made on team outcomes in senior sports,Play Casino Online when minors may be playing. 

The VGCCC stated: “Permitting betting on minors is contrary to the public interest and poses potential integrity and gambling-related harm concerns.” 

Sports controlling bodies have been directed to change their agreements with betting providers to ensure that they prohibit offering bets where minors are involved. 

Controlling bodies of all major sports and betting providers will have 60 days to comply with the new requirements.

VGCCC Chair Fran Thorn said: “The idea that it is okay to bet on minors just doesn’t stand up. We think minors deserve to be protected. It also raises integrity issues, with the prospect of people attempting to influence how minors might behave playing sport.

“If sports controlling bodies and betting providers do not comply with this decision we will take action, which may include revoking our approval of sports controlling bodies and prosecuting betting providers."